Have you been affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal? Join thousands like you to claim compensation and hold the Volkswagen Group to account.

Between 1st January 2008 and 1st January 2016, the Volkswagen Group manipulated 11 million vehicles worldwide to cheat diesel emissions tests.

The manufacturer breached emissions regulations by fitting diesel Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda motor vehicles with ‘defeat devices’, so that emissions control systems only worked while it was being tested. When being driven, Nitrogen Oxide emissions from the affected vehicles exceeded the permitted limit.

Volkswagen violates the Clean Air Act

After the scandal was revealed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2015, Volkswagen pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the US, including conspiracy to defraud the United States, to commit wire fraud, and to violate the Clean Air Act.

The company paid $4.3 billion in civil and criminal penalties alone – the largest levied by the US government against a car company. Criminal charges were also filed against several Volkswagen employees; a few were imprisoned.

A group claim, known as a class action in the US, was filed on behalf of affected Volkswagen customers and was quickly settled by VW within months. The group paid more than $10 billion to cover compensation to around 580,000 US claimants.

What is a group claim?

In our pursuit of justice for affected car owners in England and Wales, LGWP Law are preparing a group claim against the Volkswagen Group in the UK.   

A group claim or group litigation is where one claim is made on behalf of a number of claimants with similar issues against the same defendant. This differs from individuals making separate claims against the same defendant over similar issues.

In the UK alone, 1.2 million vehicles have been affected by the Volkswagen Dieselgate fiasco. If each driver were to file his or her own case against the manufacturer, the courts would quickly become clogged.

To avoid this, and to efficiently process claims where there is more than one person bringing claims that are similar, group litigation is possible under the English and Welsh legal system.

Group claims and the protection of consumer rights

When there has been mass harm by large corporations, as in the case of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, it can be difficult for individuals to pursue their consumer rights.

Fighting for your consumer rights takes a lot of time, money and legal know-how but, by grouping together, claimants are able to leverage their collective power and seek compensation in a cost-effective way.

What is the status of the VW Group Litigation claim?

Despite settling claims across the world, including in the US, Canada, Australia and Germany, the Volkswagen Group still claim that there is no legal basis for compensation for the 1.2 million customers affected in the UK.

 A preliminary trial held in December 2019 decided several important issues. The Court ruled in favour of the claimants, saying that the software put into the vehicles by the manufacturers was an impermissible defeat device under the law.

Other issues are still unresolved, and a trial has been set to begin in March 2022. The court’s final judgment will be applicable to all claimants in the group litigation.

Is there still time to claim?

The time permitted during which a claim may be brought is defined by the law, specifically the statute of limitations, which varies for each particular type of claim.

The statute of limitations is thought to end for the claims of the VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation in or around September 2021, six years after the VW defeat device software became publicly known in England and Wales.

Unlike the class action claim filed against VW in the US, where all claimants were automatically covered, claimants in England and Wales must formally issue a claim to protect their rights. There is no automatic coverage.

We are encouraging claimants to sign up by 31st December 2020.

What should I do if I have been affected by the VW emissions scandal?

Around one million people in England and Wales who are affected by the VW scandal have not yet claimed.

If you are affected and have not yet started a formal claim, register with Clean Air Claims delivered by LGWP Law today.

The process is simple, transparent and risk free, operating on a no win no fee basis. If your claim is not successful, you pay nothing.

Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through the entire process and if your claim is successful our fee is one of the fairest. You will pay 30% of your compensation amount plus VAT if we have to go to court or as low as 20% plus VAT if there is no need to go to court.

Once you sign up to make a claim, our team of paralegals are on hand to answer any questions through our live chat feature. Alternatively, please contact us on 02921 202921 if you have queries.

To find out whether you are entitled to compensation, start your claim today on a no win no fee basis.

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